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Good progress starts with knowing the roles!

I see the importance of staying educated and active in the community with boots on the ground, integrity, and respect for all our citizens. Being a part of advocating for our citizens to have a better quality of life, and more access to community activities is important to me. This is more than just better roads, schools, and parks but also respect for fundamental principles of human rights and the rights of small business owners, landowners, and all who live or work in Cookeville. 

See the information below and get in touch if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from our community. 

Three Main Issues Important to Me:

1) How our Tax Dollars are collected, invested, and spent

2) Develop quality Infrastructure with roads, utilities, IT services, and recreational activites

3) Community Development is vital in breaking costly and inhuman cycles

City Council Responsibilities & Duties

Council Functions as local legislators, council members are responsible for and responsive to the citizens who elected them. The City of Cookeville Council members performs many duties. The following are some of those duties:

•Review and approve the annual budget; •Establish long- and short-term objectives and priorities; •Oversee performance of the local public employees; •Oversee effectiveness of programs; •Establish tax rates; •Enter into legal contracts; •Borrow funds; •Pass ordinances and resolutions; •Modify the city’s charter; •Regulate land use through zoning laws; •Regulate business activity through licensing and regulations; •Regulate public health and safety; •Exercise the power of eminent domain; •Communicate policies and programs to residents;

•Respond to constituent needs and complaints; •Represent the community to other levels of government.

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A little about me: Lynda Loftis-Webb, LADAC

I was born in Cookeville, TN; however, I moved away in the mid-'90s, where I completed college, explored my recovery, and learned the value of my love for Cookeville. In the mid-2000 I moved back to work as a counselor for a local treatment center. I am married to Jeff Webb and a mother, step-mother, and God-mother to six exceptional children. I also get to announce that my first grandchild is due in 2022. I am also a mother to two amazing dogs & 4 newly introduced puppies (training to be therapy dogs). I work as the Executive Director for a non-profit that provides safe shelter for those fleeing human trafficking, domestic violence and seeking a new way of life without the use of drugs or alcohol and support with mental health barriers. 

My journey to run for City Council began when I could not find answers to simple questions surrounding fundamental human concerns. The homelessness issue, lack of community engagement for people of all ages, and lack of city support for local small businesses owners and non-profits seeking help to support community growth. There are other significant issues that I would like to address, starting with some of our road quality, increasing support for small businesses, and ensuring we have more quality affordable housing  options. Putnam County has had a massive influx of new residents from other areas, making these topics more important than ever. All the wonderful things our city council is doing for our community also will continue to inspire me to build on what they are doing. Continuing our economic development while building our community engagement is vital to allowing Cookeville to grow to support all of our citizens. 

I am a small business owner, landowner, on the board of the Putnam County Republican Party, and active in several non-profits, including but not limited to the Cookeville Jr. Women's Club. I look forward to seeking the opportunity to work for the Citizens of Cookeville and earning the trust of each resident, moving our community forward ethically and integrally. 

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Being a Positive Change 

Cookeville is a great place to live, starting with the fantastic people and the excellent environment with waterfalls, ponds, and rivers. There are a wide variety of employment opportunities, educational opportunities, and housing opportunities for Cookeville. There are gaps in the quality of our roads, options for entertainment, and a shortage in areas surrounding affordable housing.

How can you help!

1) Vote

2) Encourage others to Vote

3) Knocking on Doors

4) Post on Social Media asking for people to view my page

5) Phone Calls 

6) Yard Signs

7) Talk with me about why I am the best candidate

Contact me via email at LyndaLoftis@gmail.com or call or text me at 931-510-9775

What to do if you do not live inside the city limits: get to know your candidates and make sure you get out and vote. Our Local elections guide how our community develops for generations to come. 

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